Wrote This About My College

2013-05-14 21:04:59 by Absinthe

Sage Dorms...You were awful. I couldn't go to the bathroom without inhaling toxic fumes, and usually had to wipe up where douchebags left off. I was never given privacy, and the only girls I got to go out with dropped me like an unwanted pregnancy. I couldn't masturbate when I wanted to, and there was this cock tease in a towel with her door open.

The dorm experience is one that I never want to have again, and in reality no one really needs. Why pay 10 grand when you are able to commute? It's cheaper, you can flirt with girls and not have to see them in the morning, and you have your room. The sanctuary that beats all sanctuaries because its your room, plus internet porn.


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2013-05-18 13:37:22

Real girls instead of Internet porn? Must've been hell.