Down-Right Retarded

2012-12-09 01:00:15 by Absinthe

Alright so I have to blow off some steam with this one. Why is that guys who post nothing but anime girls get attention than a guy like me; who wants to become better by doing different things, gets little to no attention. Artists should positively reinforce good behavior by opening up a discussion and actually becoming engaged in helping someone. A person like Kiwi/Dragon/Hiryugouki Punch should not be given any attention with this sexist bullcrap.

The reason it's sexist is that women DON'T look like that, and the reason it sucks is because it's anime, wherein which anybody can do it. You can only learn by testing yourself and exiting your comfort zone. I want to become better and I've been studying on my own so that the next thing I upload is an original idea that synthesized all the information I've accumulated thus far. I don't make excuses, and I realize I suck at this, but I will never give up because every skill comes with a level of challenge.

Down-Right Retarded


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2012-12-09 01:35:11

You make a well spoken case for individuality, a feature lost on younger folk.
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but enough already! Anime is popular, thanks to it's scripts, not necessarily it's animation. When you draw women with legs that account for 3/4's the height, you're drawing a freak who would have to be over 7 feet tall (2.1 meters)
Anyway, good luck with your more proportional view of things!


2012-12-09 23:35:50

Yummy data for that video I'm going to make on him, thanks.

Absinthe responds:

Feel free to use whatever you like


2012-12-10 14:09:35

I agree with you completely. Even sharing your thoughts about how anime girls are not suppose to look like that. We all have different styles(big, skinny, or average sized girls) so your opinion is true. I'm new here and I didn't even know that Kiwi/Dragon/Hiryugouki Punch (or whatever his name is) gets all this attention when I realized Escalus and the others try to warned me about him. Especially the number of threads that he has been posting(which takes away the attention from other new members of artists, even me, that need help in order to get better). Thank you for sharing your entry. And good luck!